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TREES Inc. — P.O. Box 3683 — Terre Haute, IN 47803

Trees Projects

Continuing Street - Tree Care Committee

This committee’s duties are being increased to include overseeing ongoing concerns about tree care, especially during summer months, such as mulching and watering in addition to it’s traditional role pruning Canopy Campaign trees five years after they were planted. “Limbing Up” is generally an event that is needed twice a year, depending on the number of trees planted and the locations.

Big Tree Committee

Locates and records our community’s biggest trees and promotes appreciation and public interest for these very special trees. Nominates Vigo County trees as Indiana State Champions.

National Road Heritage Trail & 101 Trees of Indiana Committee

TREES is involved in green and growing projects along the trail and is helping maintain the 101 Trees of Indiana planted in 2005 at the Indiana Mile walking trail at Memorial Stadium.

Commemorative and Memorial Trees Committee

Handles contributions given to TREES for commemorative and memorial tree plantings. Trees recognizing times of celebration, honor, or remembrance are planted in city and county parks. Contributions go either to boost the general commemorative tree fund, or to purchase a specific tree. The honored person or family is notified, and the donors are thanked. Trees planted through this program are planted once a year in late fall.

Environmental and Beautification

Environmental Education Committee

Continues to sponsor the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program and the Earth Day/Arbor Day month-long program in one or two elementary schools each April culminating in Earth Day and Arbor Day ceremonies. Works with the City Urban Forester to produce the official citywide Arbor Day Ceremony.

Earth Day Committee

Each year the Earth Day Committee selects a project for TREES to sponsor related to environmental stewardship and centered on Earth Day. Continuing projects organized by the Earth Day Committee are the Recycle Summit Awards Luncheon, Bush Honeysuckle Eradication, and the Photography Contest. Co-sponsors with TREES for the photography contest are The Tribune-Star and the Vigo County Public Library.

Keep Terre Haute Beautiful Committee

This TREES committee evolved from the Terre Haute Tomorrow Committee and, with the City’s support, became an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. This committee leads clean-up projects the first Saturday in May and October and encourages other beautification projects and public awareness.

Seedling Distribution Committee

Prepares seedlings for distribution to school children and the public; coordinates work dates with City Forester, Environmental Education Committee, Dogwood Committee, and any other committee that gives away seedlings.

Historic Grove

Works with Meadows School to protect the Presidential Historic Grove planted in 1992.

Invasive Species Committee

TREES, Inc’s dedication to trees in our community extends beyond planting back the trees we lost in the past and actively engages in protecting the mature trees we have today in our community. Invasive plants are often a significant threat to the health of mature trees and a massive threat to the growth of young sapling trees. The Invasive Species Committee works to remove invasive plants in Dobbs Park (Terre Haute’s only forested park), and beyond, through public education and active volunteer work. We have learned to harness the energy of high school and college students to do much of the physical work, but there is a constant need for adults who are willing to train in removal methods and supervise these students who are strong and willing but in need of guidance. A small amount of your time would have a major impact on this community; please join us. Email invasive@treesinc.org to join us as we work to eradicate invasive plants in our community.

Administration & Board Development

Awards, Honors, & Recognition Committee

Recognizes outstanding efforts made by individuals, organizations, and businesses promoting TREES’ goals of community beautification, environmental improvement and civic spirit. Presents Green and Growing Award and Mighty Oak Award at Annual Meeting. Maintains a record of awards and recognitions received by TREES.

Beautiful Business Award

Recognize local businesses within the first three months of Spring in Terre Haute that are representing the city well through their landscaping efforts and the aesthetics of their building. Some of the aspects we look for are: newly planted trees, native flowers and plants, minimal litter, and an overall well-manicured landscape.

Nominating Committee

Seeks new volunteers for TREES. Responsible for Board membership records, proposing new and returning members, as well as nominating a slate of officers at the TREES annual meeting each September.

Orientation Committee

Responsible for orienting new Board members and helping them find TREES committees that are fun and rewarding. Orientation is held in August for prospective new Board members.

Annual Meeting

Coordinates the Annual Meeting organization.

Administration & Board Development

Public Relations & Marketing Committee

Works with media to gain public interest and support for all projects. Administers website and Facebook. Creates public awareness of TREES and TREES’ mission. Additional projects, including public speaking, may further the understanding of TREES.

TREES Merchandise Committee

Coordinates ordering and delivering TREES logo apparel. All orders are pre-paid; Contact Angela Clark with questions. All TREES Board members are encouraged to purchase, support, and promote TREES with logowear! Purchase website: https://webstore.graphicfx.com/trees/shop/home