About TREES Inc.


30 Years of Urban Forestry in Terre Haute

Our Story

TREES Inc. is a local non-profit environmental volunteer group founded in January 1990 to encourage the planting of trees to:

– Replenish our declining urban forest.
– Educate citizens about the importance of maintaining our existing trees.
– Improve the environment.
– Beautify the community.
– Stimulate community participation and civic pride.

Importance of Trees

TREES Inc.’s founders were concerned with the decline of Terre Haute’s urban forest – street trees, yard trees, park trees and forest areas. In general, for every four trees that die through age, disease and other factors, only one is replaced. Like many cities, Terre Haute has had no formal plan or funding to replace street trees. Yet, the benefits of the urban trees are undeniable.

– Trees help moderate our climate and maintain air quality.
– Trees reduce soil erosion and provide a habitat for wildlife.
– Trees enrich our lives by making our surroundings more attractive.
– Trees provide privacy and buffer us from unpleasant sounds and sights.
– Trees attract businesses, shoppers and tourists to urban areas.
– Trees add to property value. Wooded urban sites show 10 to 30% higher property
values than sites without trees.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact