TREES Inc. -- P.O. Box 3683 -- Terre Haute, IN  47803
Phone 812-462-3371
Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County
n  Guided city leaders in developing and passing a city street tree ordinance.
n    Helped Terre Haute earn the designation of TREE CITY USA in 1999.
n    Purchased water trucks for Terre Haute trees. The City Park and Recreation Department now has a fleet of three water trucks all donated by TREES.
n    Accomplished the re-greening of Terre Haute's streets through Adopt-A-Street Tree Canopy Campaigns, 1994-present.
n    Worked toward beautification of the city's busiest corridor and major gateway through the Third Street Corridor Beautification Project.
n    Replaced trees in city parks and tree rows that were destroyed or damaged by storms in 1998-1999.
n    Reclaimed greenspace by encouraging the removal of cement, asphalt, rock and nongreen mulch material, and replacing with trees, shrubs, flowers
      and growing groundcover.  Successes include Tri-Manufacturing Inc., American Red Cross, Goodwill Industries and the St. Joseph Parish Fifth Street project.
n    Established an annual Arbor Day Ceremony and other projects to educate the community on the value of trees, 1990-present
n    Provided funding through a bequest to TREES Inc. from Guido Miescher for 101 Trees of Indiana along the Indiana Mile trail at Memorial Stadium
n    Two TREES Inc. members appointed to Indiana Urban Forest Council
n    TREES Inc. members portray famous environmentalists at local schools on Earth Day.
n    TREES Inc. and the ISU Recycle Center conducted five E-Scrap collection events in the summer of 2007, one in January of 2008, and one in September 2008         collecting thousands of pounds of electronic scrap for recycling and thus keeping it out of the landfill.
n    Conducted a "Recycle Summit" at Rpse-Hulman on October 14, 2010 bringing together several recycling agencies and companies for an all day conference.
n    Was awarded the 2010 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence at the Marten House, Lily Auditiorium, in Indianapolis on October 19, 2010..
Published: December 16, 2006 11:40 pm    

Warm weather makes planting trees possible
The Tribune-Star

Planting trees in December? The unseasonably warm weather made that possible at Collett Park on Friday.

More than eight years ago, two separate wind storms ravaged Collett Park. Straight-line winds destroyed structures, uprooted trees and left the once scenic, local landmark in a

state of disrepair. In June 1998, 17 trees were destroyed and in May 2000, 39 trees, mostly in the south end of the park, were lost.

TREES Inc. has been working in conjunction with the Parks Department to find ways to reforest parts of the park that were devastated by the storms earlier this decade.

“The tree planting … helps us to fulfill our mission to replenish our declining urban forest,” said John Woelfle, TREES board member. “It also offers us the opportunity to stimulate community participation and civic pride.”Through a gift from the Hulman Public Building Trust to TREES Inc., 72 trees were planted at the park on the city’s north side. This gift helps to replace both trees lost by the storms and those which have been victim to other storms, age and disease. City officials and representatives from TREES and Hulman & Co. were in attendance to watch as the park was repopulated with buckeyes, yellow wood and cucumber magnolias.

“A number of us remember, when two devastating storms resulted in Collett Park losing a number of beautiful trees,” said Greg Ruark, superintendent of Parks and Recreation. “Collett Park is a fabulous park. This gift from the Hulman-George family allows us to greatly enhance its beauty and character.”

As a symbol of his new beginning and in celebration of his 36 years of service to Hulman & Co. and Clabber Girl, Bill Ellis, Human Resources director who will be retiring at the end of the month, assisted in planting the final tree.
Published: December 06, 2006 10:53 pm

City sprucing up Indiana Mile trail with trees
Staff report
The Tribune-Star

Terre Haute is adding fresh foliage to its Indiana Mile trail around Memorial Stadium, according to a news release.

Hank Metzger Landscape began planting the first phase of the 101 Trees of Indiana along the trail this week. The trees are a gift to the city from TREES Inc. through a bequest to TREES Inc. from Guido Miescher, the release said.

Selection of the trees was based on the new field guide, “101 Trees of Indiana,” written by Marion Jackson, a local environmentalist on the TREES board and a retired Indiana State University faculty member. Jackson determined the region of the state in which each tree should be planted corresponding to the place along the trail. He also incorporated 16 shrubs that grow small tree height. The complete project will feature 117 native trees and shrubs.

The Indiana Mile at Memorial Stadium is a one-mile walking track shaped like the state of Indiana, designed and built by the City Engineer’s office in 2004. It is adjacent to the Historic National Road, designated an All-American Road from Maryland through Illinois by the U.S. Department of Transportation through its National Scenic Byways program, the release said.
Published: December 29, 2005 10:38 am 

TH residents to serve on Forest Council
Tribune-Star staff report

Two Terre Haute residents will represent the community next year on the Indiana Urban Forest Council.

Trish Eccles will serve as the group’s secretary, and Paul Lindeman will be installed as a new member of the council’s board.

Eccles is an active member of Trees Inc., a group devoted to caring for and expanding Terre Haute’s urban forest.

Lindeman is Terre Haute’s city forester.

IUFC membership is open to the public. The council is devoted to promoting public awareness on the benefits of urban trees in Indiana communities, while protecting, improving and expanding Indiana’s urban forest.

Photo by Bob Poynter
Published: April 21, 2006 10:53 pm

Earth Day program includes portrayals of famous American environmentalists
By Sue Loughlin
The Tribune-Star

In 1962, Rachel Carson wrote a book describing how widespread use of DDT and other pesticides in the United States were poisoning many types of animals.

Her book, “Silent Spring,” warned the public about the growing environmental threat.

On Friday, retired teacher Shirley Waterman portrayed Carson in an Earth Day program in West Vigo Elementary; the real Carson died in 1964.

“I named my book to tell what would happen if we kept using lots of chemicals carelessly. All the birds would die, and there would be no more spring mornings full of bird songs. Our spring would become silent,” Waterman told students.

Carson’s book made people angry, including businessmen who made and sold the chemicals. But scientists confirmed that what she wrote was true.

In response, the government passed laws and regulations controlling the use of farm and household chemicals. Her book spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy.

Earth Day, which is celebrated today, was started mainly because of her book. “Earth Day is a reminder that we have to be careful not to change nature without carefully studying the results,” Waterman said.

“Be careful with chemicals. Try to find safe chemicals to use. Check for results. Take care of the Earth and all of its plants and its creatures — including you and me,” she said.

“Silent Spring” is widely credited for jump-starting the environmental movement.

The Earth Day program, sponsored by TREES, included portrayals of other famous American environmentalists: John Apgar as Teddy Roosevelt, Tommy Kleckner as John James Audubon and Carissa Lovett as Gene Stratton Porter.

Each one explained to students what they can do to help the Earth. Roosevelt told students to “be good stewards of the Earth” by picking up litter; planting flowers; recycling; and planting trees.
Joy Sacopulos, chairwoman of the TREES Earth Day Committee, said the goal of the program is to make students aware of Earth Day as well as Arbor Day, which is next Friday.

“It’s important for them and all of us that they develop some feeling of responsibility for taking care of the Earth, even if it’s no more than picking up trash or recycling aluminum cans,” Sacopulos said. “Everyone can do something.”

TREES then presented a gift, a new DVD made for Earth Day 2006 by former Terre Hautean Randy Beard, a singer and educator.

Beard recorded and produced the DVD “Our World … Our Responsibility” with Lori Silbert, an elementary school media specialist in Fishers.

Beard has given TREES Inc. a gift of 25 copies of the new DVD, one for each private and public elementary school in Vigo County.

Through dialogue and song, Beard teaches about environmental themes including habitat, pollution, natural resources, biomes and recycling.

Also Friday, Carla Huysman, a forester with International Paper, presented kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade classes with red pine seedlings. She also presented educational materials for teachers.

West Vigo students seem to understand the importance of taking care of the Earth and its natural resources.

“If we don’t take care of the Earth, then where we live won’t be as clean,” said fourth-grader Katie Hamilton. “It will be harder to live and people’s lives will grow shorter and shorter until everybody’s extinct, and then Earth will just be a planet that’s sitting out in space.”

Kaycee Rafter, a fifth-grader, said she will probably spend Earth Day helping her mom pick up trash and cut grass. “It’s like an outside day for us,” she said. She hopes other students do the same.

Larry Kozlowski, also a fifth-grader, said it’s important to take care of the Earth “because it helps everybody. It helps the Earth so that nothing will die out or be extinct. If everybody helps and pitches in, maybe we’ll have a cleaner environment.”

Funds Distribution 207
Indiana Mile Award
The Indiana Arborist Association, local chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, presented TREES Inc. with the 2010 "Gold Leaf Award" for outstanding landscape beautification activities.  Presenting the award was (left) John Elsesser, IAA awards chairman , and Tom Ordway (right), IAA director and a charter member of TREES Inc.  TREES Inc. president Trish Eccles accepts the award.
Trees for the Avenues
Trees Begin New Lives in "The Avenues"

Saturday, October 24, 2009, was tree planting day in "The Avenues" of north central Terre Haute, thanks to an ALCOA grant.  Bright and early Saturday morning approximately 150 city government people, TREES Inc. personnel, and local volunteers from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Saint Mary of the Woods College, and Wal Mart descended on the staging area at Spencer F. Ball Park at 14th St. and 8th Avenue.  Nourishment, instructions, and training for the 13 planting teams were distributed.

Next, the teams dispersed to numerous locations in the area where trees, mulch, and stakes were lying in wait to be planted on previously selected and approved locations.  TREES Inc. supervisors insured that each team followed proper planting procedures.

Among species planted were locust, sycamore, oak, gingko, and sweetgum.  All were good sized with large root balls.  Teamwork was a must to get the trees planted.

The plantings were completed by slightly after noon.  It was a super day for the Terre Haute community.  Thanks so much to all who came to volunteer their help.
2010 Governor's Award
TREES Inc., in partnership with the ISU Recycle Center and Workforce Inc.was awarded the 2010 Governor's Award for Enironmental Excellence, Recycling/Reuse Category.  The presentation was October 19, 2010 at the Marten House, Lilly Auditorium in Indianapolis.  Pictured here are, left to right, IDEM Ass't. Commissioner Rick Bossingham, IDEM Commissioner Thomas Easterly, Joy Sacopulos of TREES Inc., Paul Reed, Director of the ISU Recycle Center and a TREES member, and Gary Francis, Walmart Store Manager and a TREES member.  The award was a plaque on a piece of Indiana limestone and was given in recognition of a series of eScrap collection events conducted on the ISU campus between May 2007 and September 2009.
Trish Eccles, TREES Inc. president, accepts a cash award from First Financial's Norm Lowrey on behalf of the Benson Trust on January 26, 2011.
Business of the Year
1998 - Dever Distributing
2005 -- Hank Metzger Landscaping

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1992 - TREES Inc.

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1996 - Vigo County Extension,
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1996 - Joy Sacopulos
2001 - Trish Eccles
2010- Kevin Runion

Proect of the Year
1999 - Friends of the Abroretum, Inc.,
Deming Park
2008 0 101 Trees of Indiana
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1992 - TREES Inc.