Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County
Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett had a few words of appreciation for the Recycle Summit early in the morning.
Viable Organic Waste president Dennis Evers spoke with conviction about his Bio-engineered Systems for Resource Recovery.
The keynote address "State of Recycling in Indiana" was presented by Carey Hamilton, executive director of Indiana Recycling Coalition in Indianapolis.
Dennis Handschu, Senior Manager, H/R & Environmental H & S, ADVICS Manufacturing Indiana, LLC spoke briefly about the company known formerly as Aisin Brake & Chassis.  He then introduced Wendy Norris who spoke about the company's commitment to sustainability.
Lindsay Huddleston II, of Walmart Corporation's Public Relations and Government Relations group, addressed the audience about ways Walmart is working towards complete sustainability and thus challenging their vendors to improve their methods as well.
Lisa Jackson Union Hospital Environmental Services Supervisor spoke about sustainability challenges unique to the health care industry.
Union Hospital Environmental Services Manager Charlie Ladd spoke about the hospitals sustainability goals.  He then introduced Kevin Ramsey, Environmental Services Maintenance Supervisor, who presented a video on the new Ozonator, a fantastic machine for sterilization and sanitation of bio-hazardous waste.
Tony New, Director of Sustainability at Sony/DADC addressed the audience about Sony's commitment to sustainability and how the Terre Haute plant plays such a significat role in this process.
Jim Parker, President of NuGenesis in Mooresville, Indiana spoke about his company's targeting of household toxic waste and their efforts to keep it our of landfills.
Dr. Virgil Sheets, Chairperson of the Psyhology Department at Indiana State University reviewed surveys that were done for the West Central Indiana Recycling Practices Review.
Ed Skernolis, Vice President, Recycling, Keep America Beautiful, made the trip from Washington D.C. to Terre Haute to address the summit about Keep America Beautiful's efforts towards national sustainability.
Wendy Norris, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at ACVICS, and also an active TREES Inc. member, discussed her company's commitment to sustainability.
Jane Morse, TREES Inc.
Joy Sacopulos, TREES Inc.
Stephanie Salter, TREES Inc. and journalist.
Paul Reed, TREES Inc. and Director, ISU Recycle Center
Greg Ulm, TREES Inc.
TREES Inc. members take their turns at the podium.  Greg Ulm acted as summit moderator and facilitator.