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2011-2012 TREES Projects Descriptions

TREES Projects

Canopy Campaign 2012 Coordinating Committee: Works with the City’s Urban Forester to plant street trees in
Terre Haute. Details regarding locations, species, and dates are worked out annually.  Also removes stakes and ties from previous year’s planting.

Continuing Street-Tree Care Committee: Prunes Canopy Campaign trees five years after they were planted. Trains
and organizes support teams for this continuing care.

Dogwood Project Committee: Develops plans for planting dogwood trees as landscape trees in lawns of homeowners;
focuses on one neighborhood each year.

National Road Heritage Trail and 101 Trees of Indiana Committee: TREES is involved in green and growing
projects along the trail and is helping maintain the 101 Trees of Indiana planted at the Indiana Mile walking trail at
Memorial Stadium.

Historic Grove: Works with Meadows School to protect the Presidential Historic Grove planted in 1992. Max Miller is
the TREES contact for this project.

Big Tree Committee: Locates and records our community’s oldest and biggest trees and promotes public interest and
appreciation for these very special trees. Nominates and supports applications for recognition of Vigo County trees
as Indiana State Champions.

Commemorative and Memorial Trees Committee: Handles contributions given to TREES for commemorative and
memorial tree plantings. Trees recognizing times of celebration, honor, or remembrance are planted in city and
county parks. Contributions go either to boost the general commemorative tree fund or to purchase a specific tree.
The honored person or family is notified and the donors are thanked. Trees planted through this program are
planted once a year in late fall.

Environmental and Beautification Projects:

Environmental Education Committee: Continues to sponsor the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program and the Earth
Day/Arbor Day month-long program in two elementary schools each April culminating in Earth Day and Arbor Day
ceremonies at both schools. Works with the City Urban Forester to produce the official citywide Arbor Day
Ceremony. Offers one program each year for public education.

Earth Day Committee: Each year the Earth Day Committee selects a project for TREES to sponsor related to
environmental stewardship and centered on Earth Day. Continuing projects organized by the Earth Day Committee
are E-Scrap, Bush Honeysuckle Eradication, and the Photography Contest.

Keep Terre Haute Beautiful Committee: This TREES committee evolved from the Terre Haute Tomorrow
Committee and is now, with the City’s support, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. This committee leads cleanup
projects the first Saturday in May and October and encourages other beautification projects and public

Daffodil Project Committee: Recruits local homeowners, businessmen, school children, and civic club members to
buy and plant daffodils to enhance their own property and provide spring beauty in the community. Bulbs are preordered
during summer and early fall for distribution in October. THIS PROGRAM HAS ENDED.

TREES Third Street Committee: This TREES committee, active from 1992 – 2000, is being reactivated by the
current City administration. Efforts are underway to adopt some of the proposed improvements from the Third
Street Master Plan developed by Storrow Kinsella Associates, Inc. for TREES Inc. in 1994.

Financial Development:

Finance and Budget Committee: Handles all financial records, banking, investments and money matters. Prepares
annual budget for each calendar year.

Grants and Gifts: Some local and business foundations offer an additional funding opportunity. This committee
applies for these special funds and then, if received, oversees the administration of the funds and prepares the final
report to the donating organization.

Fundraising Committee: Organizes the fundraising campaign. Fundraising to support TREES many projects takes
place each spring through three committees. This effort is crucial to TREES success. The help of Board Members
is very much needed. TREES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax entity - each gift is acknowledged with a thank you letter
containing appropriate language for tax-receipt purposes.

Business Fundraising Committee: Raises funds from the business community through personal contacts and letters.
Individual Fundraising Committee: Raises funds from citizens through letter-writing campaign.

Board Fundraising Committee: Each Board member is expected to support TREES Inc. financially. One fundraising
letter is mailed to each Board member in the spring.

Public Relations and Marketing:

Public Relations and Marketing Committee: Works with media to gain public interest and support for all projects.
Creates public awareness of TREES and TREES’ mission. Additional projects, including public speaking, may
further the understanding of TREES.

Community Liaison Committee: Coordinates TREES’ work smoothly and positively with governmental and
community leaders.

Website Master: David Shields keeps www.treesinc.org up-to-date with information that portrays organizational
efforts to fulfill our mission within the community. The web site also provides information, links to related sites,
and support for the activities and committees of our organization.

Administration and Board Development:

Board Development and Education Committee: Plans and coordinates board development, helps recruit speakers for
Board meetings, sponsors board educational programs, encourages board participation in local and state-wide urban
forestry events.

Strategic Plan Committee: Engages the organization in the development of a long-range plan of action to help guide
governance, program, budget, and fundraising priorities. Establishes ways to measure organizational progress to
fulfill the plan and adjust priorities.

Awards, Honors and Recognition Committee: Recognizes outstanding efforts made by individuals, organizations,
and businesses promoting TREES’ goals of community beautification, environmental improvement and civic spirit.
Presents Green and Growing Award and Mighty Oak Award at Annual Meeting. Maintains a record of awards and
recognitions received by TREES.

Telephone contact: Phone calls made to the Purdue Extension Office for TREES are referred to a member of TREES
who then refers the call to the appropriate member of TREES.

Archives: TREES Inc. makes significant contributions to the community – but who will know it fifty years from now?
Everyone can because newspaper articles are collected and organized into scrapbooks which are placed in the Vigo
County Public Library. Barbara Vogel is keeping our records for this historical archive.

TREES Merchandise Committee: Coordinates ordering and delivering hats, polo shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts with
TREES logo. All orders are pre-paid; All TREES Board members are encouraged to have a TREES wardrobe!

Nominating Committee: Seeks new volunteers for TREES. Responsible for Board membership records, proposing
new and returning members, as well as nominating a slate of officers at the TREES annual meeting each September.
Orientation Committee: Responsible for orienting new Board members and helping them find TREES committees
that are fun and rewarding.

Annual Meeting: Coordinates the Annual Meeting organization.
Committee Organization: Prepares committee descriptions and sign-up sheets for Annual Meeting; distributes and
receives sign-up sheets and organizes members into their desired committees.

Special Project Committee: Ad hoc committees are developed individually and independently of other TREES
projects. In the past they were usually opportunities to plant additional trees along the trail or in the parks.