Data Management Services, Inc.
4000 East Steelton Avenue
Terre Haute, IN   47805
Telephone:  460-1003
What they take:  All grades of paper, loose or baled.
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 7:30-3:30
They provide recycling programs and services to companies in the Wabash Valley and accept paper drop-offs from the public at the recycling facility.

Clay-Owen-Vigo Solid Waste District
Telephone:  800-387-3380
What they take:  Household hazardous waste from
Clay, Owen and, Vigo County residents once a
year.  They accept fluroescent tubes, oil-based
paint, pesticides, herbicides, and more.
Call the office for complete information.
Annual Event - Tox Away Day
2006 - Saturday, September 23rd from 9:00 until
4:00 at the Vigo County Fairgrounds
Additional Recycling Services
Household batteries can be recycled in Terre Haute
through drop-off at Paitson's Hardware, Goodwill
Industries and, Anderson's Medical Products.
The Solid Waste District also sponsors a White Goods Event for appliance collection and an ongoing Mercury Collection program.  Call for complete details.

"TREES Guide to Recycling" Brochure
ISU Recyce Center
447 N. 9th Street
Terre Haute, IN   47809
Telephone:  812-237-8197
What they take:  Paper, books, magazines, catalogues, telephone books, cardboard, corrugated boxes, glass (all colors), plastics (1 thru 7), aluminum cans, metals, and styrofoam peanuts (for reuse).  They also handle commercial recycling accounts.
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 6:00-5:00
   Saturday -- 6:00-Noon
   Sunday -- 6:00-Noon

Goodwill Industries - CLOSED
2702 S. 3rd Street
Terre Haute, IN   47802
Telephone:  812-235-1827
What they take:  Computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, copiers, scanners, televisioins clothing, household items, shoes, pocketbooks, good used furniture, pots, pans, small appliances, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastics 1 thru 6, scrap metal, books, newspaper, magazines, corrugated boxes, copper, junk mail, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, catalogues, brass, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, batteries, records, and tapes.  They also handle commercial recycling accounts.
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 7:30-5:00
   Saturday -- 9:00-5:00
   Sunday -- 12 noon-6:00

Goodman & Wolfe,
a Division of Mervis Industries
1350College Avenue
Terre Haute, IN   47802
Telephone:  812-232-1251
What they take: Aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, and lead.  Some of the items they accept are: aluminum cans, tin cans, all auto parts, all metal building materials, nails, staples, aluminum siding, aluminum screen doors, steel and aluminum window frames, insulated aluminum and copper wire, electric motors, stainless steel sinks, air conditioners with the compressor separated from the unit, all appliances - refrigerated units must have the compressor separated from the unit, and the compressors.  Call for additional items accepted.
What they pay for:  All items. 
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 8:00-3:30
   Saturday -- 8:00-11:00

Wal-Mart SuperCenter
5555 S. U.S. Hwy 41
Terre Haute, IN   47802
Telephone:  812-299-4677
What they take:  Plastic bags.
Hours:  Open 24 hours per day 7 days a week

Recycling Centers
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Sugar Creek Scrap Incorporated
1201 W. National Avenue
West Terre Haute, IN   47885
Telephone:  812-533-2147
What they take:  Aluminum cans, aluminum,
iron, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass including:  aluminum siding and window frames, guttering, wheels, auto radiators, transmissions, motor blocks, old furnaces, old metal fencing, cast iron bathtubs, appliances with compressors removed, and old cars with title.
What they pay for:  All accepted items.  Call for pricing. 
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 8:00-11:30 and

Gurman Container & Supply
800 N. 3rd Street
Terre Haute, IN   47804
Telephone:  812-232-3413
What they take:  Aluminum cans.  Please, contact Gurman if you have empty steel drums, empty poly drums, and empty tote tanks.
Hours:  Monday-Friday -- 8:00-5:00
   Saturday -- Closed

Records Pick-Up, Shredding, and Recycling
Data Management Shredding
P.O. Box 3093
Terre Haute, IN   47803
Telephone:  812-238-2064
What they take:  Large or small volumes of paper records that need to be destroyed.
Hours:  Call to arrange pick-up.  They provide containers or provide shredding.

West Vigo IGA
1000 W. National Avenue
West Terre Haute, IN   47885
Telephone:  812-533-2101
What they take: Plastic bags.
Hours:  Daily--7:00 AM -10:00 PM

Of Special Note:
Many recycling centers pay market price for aluminum cans and tonnage for other metals and paper.  Some allow you to set up accounts and donate the proceeds to charity.  Call ahead for this information.
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Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County
Making Every Day Earth Day!
Used Motor Oil Recyclers
E-Scrap Program
Community E-Scrap Program 2007
E-Scrap Indiana
E-Scrap Indiana
Curbside Recycling Sign-Up
As a part of "America Recycles Day 2016", TREES' Joy Sacopulos led the ceremony for a public dedication of a mini recycling center at ISU's Cunningham Memorial Library.
L to R:  Joy Sacopulos (TREES), Kristine O'Hare (TREES), Robin Crumrin (Dean of Library Services), and Paul Reed (TREES and ISU Recycle Center).   November 15, 2016