Adam Chandler - Adult Amateur 1st Place - Night

Adult Amateur - Carla Stricklin 2nd Place - Snowy Bayou

Adult Amateur - Lauren Elyea 3rd Place - Winter's Icy Glaze

Adult Amateur - Jean Kristeller Honorable Mention - Winter Magic in Deming Park

Adult Amateur - Kara Cress Honorable Mention - Nature's Collage

Adult Amateur - Wayne Jordan Honorable Mention - Frozen Falls

Professional - Sheila Ter Meer 1st Place - Sycamore Frost

Professional - Thomas Wright Second Place - Winter Rish

Professional - Marty Jones 3rd Place - Other Side of the Fence

Professional - Dave Shields with Kim Kimbler, Honorable Mention - Maple

Professional - Dave Shields Honorable Mention - Maple

Professional - Michael Lunsford Honorable Mention - January Persimmons and Bounds Cemetery on Christmas Eve

Professional - Sheila Ter Meer Honorable Mention - Sycamore Freeze

Youth - Faith Chandler 1st Place - Trouvaille

Youth - Faith Chandler 1st Place with her parents, Adam and Laurie..

Youth - Faith Chandler 1st Place and Honorable Mention - Trouvaille and Minutiae

The Joy Sacopulos Photography Award was presented to Marty Jones (center) by Joy's sons Peter (left) and Michael (right).
 Other Side of the Fence
Marty Jones