The theme of the 2012 TREES Inc. Photography Contest was "TREES Dressed in Bloom."

Photos were be accepted from July 1 through July 20, 2012 at the Tribune-Star at 222 S. 7th St. in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The exhibit ran throughout August 2012 in the Vigo County Public Library at Seventh and Poplar Streets in Terre Haute, Indiana.

There were three contest divisions:  youth, adult amateur, and adult professional. 

The 2012 contest  marked the seventh year for the competition.  It is jointly sponsored by TREES Inc., the Tribune-Star,  the Vigo County Public Library and, Dever Distributing.

The awards ceremony was held the evening of August 29, 2012 at the main lobby of the Vigo County Public Library.  TREES president Barbara Brugnaux welcomed the audience, Tribune-Star photographer Jim Avelis presented the awards, and TREES Photo Contest chair Chris Schellenberg announced plans for the 2013 contest -- "TREES and the River".
Adult Amateur, first place Marilyn Howerton, "Spring's Eternal Promise", second and third place, Alice Foxworthy, "Heaven on Earth" and "Budding Village"Adult Amateur Division, Honorable Mention Award WinnersAdult amateur, 1st place, Marilyn Howerton, "Spring's Eternal Promise"Adult amateur, 2nd place, Alice Foxworthy, "Heaven on Earth"Adult amateur, 3rd place, Alice Foxworthy, "Budding Village"
Professional Division,  first place, David Shields, "Beaver Pond Red Bud", second place, Kathy Donatoni, "Path Pleasant"Professional Division, Honorable Mention, Debbie GoodinAdult professional, first place, David Shields, "Beaver Pond Red Bud"Adult professional, 2nd place, Steve Lingenfelter, "Golden Rapture"Adult professional, 3rd place, Kathy Donatoni, "Path Pleasant"
Youth division, second place, Nicole Goodin, "Spring's Blanket" and third place Kattie Haan, "CorsageYouth Divisioin, Honorable Mention Award WinnersYouth division, 1st place, Emily Padgett, "Crabapple Corsage"Youth division, 2nd place, Nicole Goodin, "Spring's Blanket"Youth division, 3nd place, Katie Haan, "Corsage"
Contest Results:

Adult Amateur Division
First Place - Spring's Eternal Promise by Marilyn Howerton
Second Place - Heaven on Earth by Alice Foxworthy
Third Place - Budding Village by Alice Foxworthy
Honorable Mention - Alice Beaman, Lisa Bennett, Melinda Stanley Bonnett, Terri Brunette (2), Brian Hopp (2), Donald Wayne Hyde, Debra Leamaster, Jean Mausel (2), Bruce McLaren (2), Chris Pfaff, Gary Pleines, Judy Swez, John Swez, Thomas Wright (3), and Amanda Zeiher

Professional Division
First Place - Beaver Pond Red Bud by David Shields
Second Place - Golden Rapture by Steve Lingenfelter
Third Place - Path Pleasant by Kathy Donatoni
Honorable Mention - Debbie Goodin (2) and Steve Lingenfelter

Youth Division
First Place - Crabapple Corsage by Emily Padgett
Second Place - Spring's Blanket by Nicole Goodin
Third Place - Corsage by Katie Haan
Honorable Mention - Evan Curry (2), Emily Haan, Lucas Haan, Emily Padgett,    Madeline Schuck, and Harlee Vineyard (2)

TREES Inc. wishes to thank our Community Partners:

Vigo County Public Library
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