Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County

  “Trees as Sculpture” was the theme for the 2011 photography contest sponsored by TREES Inc., the Terre Haute Tribune-Star and the Vigo County Public Library.

Entries were to have included trees, or a tree, or part of a tree showing strong lines with a sense of design.  Photographs of trees in any season were accepted.

  Entries were to have been submitted to the Tribune-Star reception desk between April 1 and 5 p.m., April 29, 2011.  Each entrant was allowed to submit three photos, color or black and white.  Prizes were awarded in three divisions, Youth (18 and younger), Adult Amateur and Adult Professional.  First place in each division was awarded $100.00; second place received $75.00, and third place received $50.00.  Special merit recognition was also be awarded at the judges’ discretion.

  An awards ceremony was held on May 12, 2011 at 7 pm and an exhibit, running from May 9, 2011 to May 31, 2011, was be scheduled at the Vigo County Public Library located at 7th and Walnut Streets in Terre Haute, Indiana.

  Application and contest rules were available beginning Monday, June 28, at the Tribune-Star reception desk and checkout desk at the main library as well as the Purdue Extension Office, 275 Ohio St.; Mic’s Pics, 670 E. Springhill Dr.; and Galloway Camera, Honey Creek Mall.  The application and rules were also posted on the TREES Inc. website, www.treesinc.org.  Award-winning photographs from previous contests can also be viewed on the website and TREES’ Facebook page.

  Two workshops were scheduled for August to encourage participation in the contest.  Mic Orman from Mic’s Pics was to have presented both workshops, one for youth and one for adults.  The Photography Workshop for Young People was scheduled for Aug. 3 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

  The  adult workshop was scheduled for Aug. 5 from 6-8 p.m. No cameras are necessary, although participants were permitted to bring cameras.  Both workshops were free, but registration was required.  To register, attendees were asked to call the VCPL community services office at 232-1113, ext. 2281 or 2282.

  The 2011 photography contest was the sixth contest sponsored by TREES, the Tribune-Star and the VCPL.   The first contest featured dogwoods as a theme.  TREES board member Joy Sacopulos explained that the impetus for that contest was the difficulty in finding good photographs of dogwood trees when TREES first started its now annual dogwood planting. 

  “Education about and appreciation of the beauty of trees in our community continues to be the focus of the contest,” explained Chris Schellenberg, TREES board member and VCPL community services staff member.  Photographers from across the country have entered the past contests, and the three sponsoring organizations hope that the competition is equally vigorous this year, Schellenberg said.

1st Place:  Kathy Donatoni, "One Tree Hill"
2nd Place:  Ray Klotz, "A Thing of Beauty"
3rd Place:  Stephen Lingenfelter, "Tentacles"
1st Place:  Jean Mausesl, "Gnarled"
2nd Place:  Thomas Wright, "Angel Oak"
3rd Place:  Melinda Stanley Bonnett, "Return to Oz"
1st Place:  Emily Padgett, "Curlicue Fingers Beckoning"
2nd Place:  Evan Curry, "Icy Fingers"
3rd Place:  Katie Haan, "Gnome's Gate"
Mary Ann Clem, "Taking a Bow", Honorable MentionKathy Donatoni, "One Tree Hill", Professional, 1st PlaceBrendan Kearns, "Keeper of the Marsh", Professional, Honorable MentionRay Klotz, "A Thing of Beauty", Professional, 2nd PlaceStephen Lingenfelter, "Tentacles", Professional 3rd Pl.Left to Right: Susan Duncan of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, First Place Winner Kathy Donatoni, and Dr. Marion Jackson, author of "101 Trees of Indiana".
Melinda Stanley Bonnett, "Return to Oz", Adult Amaeur, 3rd PlaceThomas J. Gosnell, "Forsaken", Adult Amateur, Honorable MentionJean Mausel, "Gnarled", Adult Amateur, 1st PlaceJean Mausel, "A Leg Up", Adult Amateur, Honorable MentionMelissa C. Owens, "Entombed in Ice", Adult Amateur, Honorable MentionJohn Swez, "Buffalo Tree", Adult Amateur, Honorable MentionThomas Wright, "Angel Oak", Adult Amateur, 2nd PlaceTerri Brunette, "Sycamore Profile", Adult Amateur, Honorable MentionLeft to Right:  Dr. Marion Jackson - author of "101 Trees of Indiana", Melinda Bonnett - 3rd Place Winner, Thomas Wright - 2nd Place Winner, Jean Mausel - 1st Place Winner, and Joy Sacopulos of TREES, Inc.
Evan Curry, "Icy Fingers", Youth, 2nd PlaceEvan Curry, "Reaching Out", Youth, Honorable MentionEmily Haan, "Tree Huggers", Youth, Honorable MentionKatie Haan, "Gnome's Gate", Youth, 3rd PlaceLucas Haan, "Paradise Crest", Youth, Honorable MentionEmily Padgett, "Curlicue Fingers Beckoning", Youth, 1st PlaceEmily Padgett, "Hoosier Basketball Double Dunk", Youth, Honorable MentionYzabel Tio, "Bear Youth", Youth, Honorable MentionLeft to Right:  2nd Place Winner Evan Curry, 1st Place Winner Emily Padgett, and 3rd Place Winner Katie Haan
A large audience attended the awards ceremony for the 2011 photography contest on May 12, 2011 at the Vigo County Public Library.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as honorable mention awards were presented.