Asian Bush Honeysuckle
Eradication Day
at Dobbs Park
March 19, 2011
TREES Inc. in partnership with Sycamore Trails RC&D, Terre Haute Parks and Recreation, and the Wabash Valley Audobon Society conducted an Asian Bush Honeysuckle Eradication Day at Dobbs Park on Saturday, March 19, 2011.  The beautiful forest of this city park in particular, on the city's east side, has been overrun with this destructive invasive species.  As one moves about the east side in general it's easy to get a sense of just how big a problem this is becoming.

Numerous events of this kind have taken place at Dobbs Park over recent years and visible results are showing but, there's a long way to go.  Efforts must continue to solve a serious problem that threatens to destroy the beauty and draw of Dobbs Park. 

Midwest Invasive Plants Network
Larry RosehheimPeggy Esau and Granddaughter MeganTerre Haute South Vigo students:  Thomas King, Morgan Patterson, Alina Thomas, Kevin Montgomery,  Courtney Weaver, Chris Gonzo, and Christian KirbyISU Zeta Tau Alpha students Katie Green of Carmel and Jennifer Groth of Terre HauteISU students Mieke Tackett - Chi Omega, and Alpha Sigma Alphas Megan Whitacre, Taylor Valandingham, Victoria Pelly, Kelsey Mancock, Sydney Valandingham, Brittany Garwood, and more Alpha Chi Omegas Sara Hochgesang and Laura StechmillerISU Zeta Tau Alpha students Melanie Davis and Keri OgaraISU Zeta Tau Alpha students Lyndsey Erwin and Katy WanningerLauren Joyal - Terre Haute South Vigo High School student
Karen Staub of Sycamore Trails RC&DJane Morse, TREES IncMarcia Haverty, Dobbs Park VolunteerGirl Scouts Troop 64 and 4-H members Carolyn Watson - Leader, Shay Allen-Johnson, Crimson Tennis, Christiana Wittenmyer, Caitlynn Rogers, and Loren Watson - Assistant and husband of CarolynEric Morse, volunteer and son of Jane MorseJohn Morse - volunteer and husband of Jane MorseSycamore Trails RC&D members Raoul Moore, Bill Cary, and Bev Pestel
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An Environmental and Beautification - Earth Day Committee Project
Curse of the Bush Honeysuckle ... Pics & Treatment
Asian Bush Honeysuckle(s) - Purdue Extension
Asian Bush Honesuckle Fact Sheet
Asian Bush Honeysuckle
Eradication Day
at Dobbs Park
Saturday, March 29, 2014
The Invasive Species Committee of TREES Inc. is joining with the Dobbs Park Nature Center to host a community gathering for the purpose of removing Asian Bush Honeysuckle from Dobbs Park on Saturday morning, March 29th from 9:30 AM until noon.  Registration starts at 9:00.  Dress for the weather.  Be advised that this can be physically demanding work involving pulling, cutting, sawing, working in and around branches and, on rare occasions, herbicide application.  However, if you are capable of walking on uneven ground and want to help, we can use you.  No power tools are used.  We really do appreciate advance notice that you are coming.  Call Carissa Lovett at the Dobbs Park Nature Center (877-1095) or Jane Morse (877-3902) to register.

We welcome all ages but, children must come with their parents.  Teens must have advanced registration.  Parental permission forms can be filled out the morning of the event or in advance at the Nature Center.  Parental consent forms can be e-mailed to you if you wish.  Supervised groups of students are also welcomed but, parental permission forms are required for children under 18.  Call Carissa or Jane for details.

Dobbs Park is located on the north side of Poplar St. bordering the west side of SR46/US40 on the east side of Terre Haute
Previous Events
The late afternoon sun highlights the new leaf growth of the Asian Bush Honeysuckle on the west side of the Dobbs Park lake on March 14, 2012.  This area will be addressed on the April 14 Eradication Day.  The unseasonably warm weather is bringing the honeysuckle out of dormancy much earlier than usual.
Two weeks later on March 28 the same area has been choked by the fully leafed Asian Bush Honeysuckle.
Training for the volunteer eradicators.Pulling small plants.Hard at work.Cutting up a downed honeysuckle.Using the small  bush extractor.A team attacks a large bush.Wrestling a large bush.
Pulling bushes by hand.Adult supervisors discuss the progress.Loping branches.Loping and pulling.Beginning to clear a new area.Pushing back the honeysuckle.Tending to the tools.Trail of eradication.
A few dry hours between rains allowed a sizeable group of spirited volunteers to attack the Asian Bush Honeysuckle overgrowth at Dobbs Park on April 14, 2012.  Several new tools were put to use and made the effort very effective.  This problem won't clear up on it's own.   Teamwork is the best medicine.  Thank you to all who turned out and provided that teamwork.
What exactly is Asian Bush Honey Suckle and why is it so destructive?  Click these links to learn more ...
Thank you,
City of Terre Haute and volunteers,
for a successful Neighborwoods Event
Nov. 9, 2013

The City of Terre Haute is adding a mile to the recreational trail system of Terre Haute.  The trail head starts at the south end of Fairbanks Park and goes south from there, along the river.  The City asked TREES, Inc to organize volunteers to help clear the shoreline of Asian Bush Honeysuckle (ABH) and we assembled on Saturday, Nov. 9th for that purpose. 

Before we arrived, you could hardly see the river.  Two and one half hours later, 60 volunteers from many parts of the community managed to clear very close to a full acre of shoreline.  The pile of ABH, which we left behind was 500 feet long, 40 feet wide and at least 10 feet high.  Multiply that out and you get 200,000 cubic feet of dead honeysuckle!  What a successful event!  Our thanks to all the volunteers who showed up!

TREES, Inc wishes to thank the City for their leadership as well as their investment in a cleaner, more natural space for people to enjoy.  The path is not yet opened to the public, but when it does open up, it will be a lovely, shaded path along the river for everyone to enjoy. 

We want to thank employees of the City of Terre Haute as well as students of Terre Haute South Vigo HS and members of Riverscape, Art Spaces, Indiana State University, Wabash Valley Master Gardeners, Nature Conservancy of IN, Sycamore Trails RC&D, and, of course, TREES, Inc.  It might have been hard work, but it sure looked like everyone was having fun.  We also want to thank Chick-fil-A for the coffee.

If you would like to help the city remove ABH from the city park system, please call Carissa Lovett, Dobbs Park Nature Center (877-1095).  They use tools that make it possible for even older children and seniors to pull ABH right out of the ground.

Previous Events
Asian Bush Honeysuckle Pulls
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ISU & Rose-Hulman Air Force ROTC
Asian Bush Honeysuckle Pull
April 12, 2014
The Indiana State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Air Force ROTC made an offer to spend Saturday afternoon, April 12, 2014 pulling and cutting Asian bush honeysuckle at Dobbs Park.  Jane Morse, invasive speecies committee chair was thrilled with the offer and quickly made arrangements for the afternoon's activities.  The picture album on the right illustrates some of the work done by the students.
Jane provides on site training.Jane offers some additional training.
Donaghy Day - Fall
August 17, 2015

Fall Donaghy Day is a day of community service for first year Indiana State University students.  A large group visited Dobb's Park and took part in a morning Asian Bush Honeysuckle eradication pull.  The event was organized by Jane Morse and Mary Harris.