TREES Inc. -- P.O. Box 3683 -- Terre Haute, IN  47803
Phone 812-462-3371
Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County
All TREES projects are accomplished by community volunteers with no paid staff people. The funds to pay for these projects are donated by individuals and businesses in the community or are obtained through grants or gifts. In this way, TREES contributes to the beauty and value of Terre Haute's urban forest for many years to come. We invite you to join us. Here is how you can become involved:

n  Contribute monetarily to TREES: We rely upon your donations to replenish and care for our urban forest.

n  Take part in a TREES project: Nominate a "Big Tree", turn your backyard into a wildlife habitat, plant a memorial or commemorative tree, attend an Arbor Day ceremony, participate in a TREES photography contest. participate in "Keep Terre Haute Beautiful",  take part in an "Invasive Species" eradication event, help out with "seedling distributions", volunteer for "Stree Tree Planting" events, or help out with "extended tree care".

n  Follow urban forestry guidelines: Don't top trees, plant the right tree in the right place and save your trees             during construction.

n  Contact 311 for questions and concerns about trees in the parkway at your address.

To find out more about any of these topics, call the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service at (812) 462-3371. The staff there will take a message and have a TREES board member return your call.