Electronic Scrap Recycling for All – the perfect opportunity to responsibly recycle your old, unwanted, out of date, broken, and unused electronics items and associated materials.

When:   Saturday, September 20, 2008, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Where:  ISU Parking Lot, 9th and Chestnut Streets, across from The Ballyhoo
Who:    Residential e-scrap and TV drop-off.  Businesses should contact the Indiana State University Recycle Center, telephone number 812-237-8150, to arrange a drop-off.
What:    For a complete list of materials accepted, click on the "Event Poster" button at the upper left.

Why Recycle:

1.  To keep toxic materials out of landfills to avoid possible life-threatening contamination of ground water.
2.  To reclaim valuable resources like gold, silver, and platinum used in small amounts in electronics.
3.  By recycling with TREES, ISU Recycle Center, RecycleForce, and Sony DADC, you can be assured that all electronic waste will be dismantled and recycled within the United States, mainly in Indiana and the Midwest, following environmentally safe standards approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Organizing Sponsors: , TREES Inc., ISU Recycle Center, Indianapolis Recycle Force, and Sony DADC

Co-Sponsored by: Aisin Brake & Chassis, Data Management Services, Goodman and Wolfe, and Wabash Valley Packaging Corporation

Contact us at:    escrapinfo@treesinc.org.
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E-Scrap Definition
E-Scrap Indiana
An environmentally and sociologically friendly means of discarding surplus electronic materials.
You'll find them in attics, in basements, in garages, in closets, in dresser drawers, in kitchen drawers, in desk drawers,  in kitchen cabinets, in glove boxes, in storage sheds, in school lockers, in trunks, on the wall -- they're everywhere!
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