TREES 2011 Earth Day Projects
Reusable Shopping Bags
To encourage the use of reusable bags when shopping we will co-sponsor with Duke Energy a new kind of reusable shopping bag.  The purpose is to cut down on the enormous waste of single use plastic and paper shopping bags.  We are considering thermal bags, fold and snap-shut bags, and woven cloth bags.  We will give out bags at the Earth Day Fair at the White Violet Center, at the ISU campus Earth Day Festival, and at the Union Hospital Earth Day Fair for their employees.  In the past Duke Energy has partnered with TREES in this project and will also give out reusable shopping bags for Earth Day this year.

Sponsorship:  $3,000 - $3,500
TREES has learned of several major improvements in recycling efforts that have developed as a result of the "Recycling Summit" we sponsored in October 2010.  Requesting feedback we are corresponding with those who attended the "Summit".  This will help develop a continually sharper picture of the good results happening since the "Summit".  Once the information has been gathered and analyzed we plan to hold a luncheon to honor the businesses and individuals who have made an informed and determined effort to increase their recycling standards.  The luncheon will be held in the fall of 2011.

Award Luncheon Sponsorship:  $1,000 - $1,500
Recognition Luncheon Honoring New Recycling Efforts -- "Summit" Review
What is New in Recycling? -- Display and Brochure
TREES has needed a professional quality display for many years so we could promote our own projects at public gatherings.  This year we are borrowing a display board from Union Hospital and we will use it for the first time at the three Earth Day events that we are participating in this spring.  Our message is "Items that you might not know can be recycled", items such as waxed milk cartons, old athletic shoes, and every kind of battery imaginable. 

We will also print a brochure that repeats and expands the information given in the display so people will have a handy reference when they try out new kinds of recycling later.

Sponsorship:  Printing of the brochure - $500
Sponsorship:  A new display for TREES to keep and use for all TREES committees and the printing of the brochure on new and interesting recycling opportunities - $1,700
This committee will sponsor a spring and a fall Bush Honeysuckle Pull.  The first workday was on March 19th at Dobbs Park, a park being overrun with Bush Honeysuckle.  Approximately 50 volunteers cut and treated the bush honeysuckle.  Girl scouts, Indiana State University sorority members, science students from Terre Haute South Vigo High School, the Audubon Society, the Sycamore Trails RC&D, and TREES provided the resources.

The bush honeysuckle plant kills almost every other kind of plant in the forest.  It kills little trees that would be a new generation to continue the forest.  It kills undergrowth so all the birds and animals leave because they no longer have food or a safe habitat to survive in.  It is the most aggressive invasive speies in Indiana and it has taken over much of Dobbs Park.

Sponsorship:  Tools and supplies for the Fall work day - $400

Bush Honeysuckle - Invasive Species Control in City Parks
TREES 2011 Photography Contest
TREES has sponsored a photography contest each year for almost a decade.  The purpose is for people to study trees and discover all the wonderful gifts we receive from them.

This year the theme is "Trees as Sculpture."  There will be separate classes of competition for Youth, Adult Amateur, and Professional photographers.  Each of these divisions will have its own awards.  A team of professionals will serve as judges.  The winning photographs in each division along with all Honorable Mention photos and carefully selected other outstanding entries will all be on display at the main Vigo County Public Library for the month of May.  The Awards Ceremony is scheduled for May 12th in the main lobby of the library.  The Tribune-Star and the Vigo Couonty Public Library are co-sponsors of the contest.

Sponsorship:  Cash awards and prizes for the contest - $1,000
Earth Eay and Arbor Day Celebrations in Local Schools - Assisting the Environmental Education Committee
The Earth Day Committee has traditionally assisted with the two schools invited each year to participate in the TREES Environmental Education Committee program in the schools.  Each year one city school and one county school are selected.  This year the city school is Farrington Grove School and the county school is West Vigo Elementary.  We offer all-school programs on recycling and help as well with the visits to each classroom before Earth Day and Arbor Day.  Each child is given a small gift to take home as a reminder of Earth Day and Arbor Day.  We attend and assist with the Arbor Day programs which each school agrees to produce.  We will also sponsor an educator-entertainer, Larry Caplan who will put on his tree information magic show for all the students at both schools.

The Arbor Day program at the selected city school is the official Arbor Day ceremony for the City of Terre Haute.  This year it will be held on Arbor Day which is April 29th.  The dounty school will have their Arbor Day assembly on April 21st.  Following the assembly at both schools, each student, faculty and staff member receives a tree seedling to take home and plant along with instructions for planting and care of the tree.

Sponsorship:  The official Terre Haute Arbor Day tree and seedlings - $500 or an Arbor Day tree for both schools and seedlings for both - $1,000
Conducting a Public Awareness Campaign about Recydling eScrap during the Christmas Holiday Season
When the ISU Recycle Center agreed to accept electronic scrap on a daily basis, TREES decided to lon longer hold city-wide collection days for eScrap.  We agreed that if the level of eScrap brought to the ISU facility started to dwindle, we would plan another big drive.  But, the donations of electronic scrap to be recycled has increased.  Our contribution to the eScrap recycling project TREES started in 2007 has become a media campaign in December and January to remind people that unwanted electronics are hazardous waste and can and should be recycled.  This has helped during the two seasons that we promoted eScrap recycling.
Promotion for the Solid Waste District to Sponsor a Toxaway Day this Year
It has been years since the Solid Waste District that serves Terre Haute has sponsored a Tox-away Day.  We are going to repeatedly request that the SWD sponsor one this year.  Many people have toxic materials stored for years and we all need an opportunity to dispose of those toxic materials in a careful and lawful manner.  We have actually paid through taxes for this event, but it has not been held for many years.
Study of Green Program Sponsored by the American Bar Association
The Sacopulos Law Firm is experimenting with a new environmental program which is sponsored by the American Bar Association.  The committee is going to watch the process develop with the thought of using this information to encourage businesses and offices to adopt sustainable programs in recycling, heating and cooling, lighting and other factors that affect the environment.  The person who is organizaing this program for the law firm is on this TREES committee.  The committee is interested in how well the program is accepted, how it affects the people who work in the office, and all aspects of converting a small business or professional office into a serious environmental program.