The Dogwood is a popular perimeter tree producing a breathtaking panorama of beautiful bisexual spring flowers that open before the leaves, thereby accenting forest edges and promoting residential pride.  The tree produces red fruit in late summer which are eagerly eaten by wildlife.  Leaves turn a beautiful red in the autumn.

Commencing in 2005 at the urging of invaluable co-sponsor Dever Distributing, TREES Inc. has conducted an annual Dogwood project.  Terre Haute residents within selected areas are offered the opportunity to purhcase healthy high quality Dogwood trees.  Cherokee Princess is the variety typically offered.  The trees are purchased by property owners who can elect to have TREES Inc. volunteers plant the trees as a part of the purchase price or have a professional lanscape company plant the trees for an additional fee.
The areas targeted for the 2011 project were Indiana State University, IVY Tech Community College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and St. Mary of the Woods College. 

Planting day was April 9, 2011.  And, as usual, the staging area for the project was Dobbs Park on the city's east side.  Volunteers and TREES personnel began arriving around 8 am.  They were greeted with light rain, distant thunder, and threatening skies.  After enjoying snacks and drinks it was time to get down to business.  Mary Harris, Dogwood committee chair, gave instructions over a bullhorn before dispatching everyone to their respective work areas.

The light rain and distant thunder quickly morphed into heavy rain and lightning.  Actiivity came to a complete halt until the lightning had passed.  But, the heavy rain continued.  And yet, the remaining volunteers set their jaws and trudged forward until all of the Dogwoods were safe and snug in their new homes.

A total of 30 trees were planted at ISU, Rose-Hulman, and St. Mary of the Woods.  Another 10 are to be planted at IVY Tech on April 22, 2011.

Thanks so much to all who came out and braved the elements for this year's Dogwood planting.  Congratulations on a job well done.

Planting Day 2008 Photo Gallery
Planting Day 2009 Photo Gallery
Cherokee Princess Dogwood
Planting Day 2010 Photo Gallery
Planting Day 2011 Photo Gallery
Mary Harris
Image on the left shows the Rose-Hulman team of volunteers, property owners Jim and Dee Hoke, and TREES volunteers planting a dogwood tree at Adams and Poplar on April 4, 2009.  Two years later Jim and Dee proudly stand beside the same dogwood, now in full bloom.  A second dogwood tree was planted out of view to the right.  It too is in full bloom and can be seen in the image below..