Since it's inception in 1990 the Adopt-a-Street-Tree program has been a TREES Inc. annual highlight.  Property owners throughout Terre Haute are enjoying the heart warming benefits and perpetual beauty of  Adopt-a-Street-Tree.  

Recent years have however, witnessed a migration away from individual scattered planting sites.  Current planting programs are most often conducted in strategically identified areas which are frequently grant funded and in partnership with the city, the parks dept. and/or the school corp.  This shift in policy has enabled the more effective use of resources and has resulted in optimum beauty and environmental benefits.

TREES Inc. is excited about the future of the Adopt-
a-Street-Tree program and look forward to it's continued success.  Thank you Terre Haute for your support.
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City of Terre Haute List of Preferred Street Trees
City of Terre Haute List of Undesirable Street Trees
Volunteers gather for the Ohio Street planting on March 27, 2010.
3-24-2012 Planting
3-23-2013 Planting
Watering Your Tree

Newly planted trees need three to five gallons of water three to four times a week during the growing season for the first year.  The growing season is loosely defined as Easter to Thanksgiving.  Of course, if it is raining regularly then hand watering is not as necessary.  Young trees do not have an established root system. 

If the ground near the tree isn’t wet, the tree can’t get the water.  On the other hand, too much water will drown the roots and kill the tree.  You may start weaning the tree in a year two.  It still needs to be watered at least 2 times a week.  It can take up to 5 years for a tree to become established  and take care of itself. 

One good way to measure how much water you are giving the tree is to get a 3 to 5-gallon plastic bucket.  Drill two 1/8 inch small holes in the bottom of the bucket to allow for slow drainage. Fill the bucket with water and set it by the tree inside the mulch ring.  Next time, move the bucket to the other side. 

3-22-2014 Planting
The media interviews TREES VP Brian  Conley.
Supervisors walking to the training area.
Tree planting tools lie in wait.
Some of the trees waiting to be planted.
More of the trees waiting to be planted.
And, still more trees waiting to be planted.
Mulch delivery teams push their wheel barrows to the mulch pile.
Student volunteers ready to begin the busines of the day.
Mulch teams load their wheel barrows.
Students picking up their tools.
Street Tree Planting on Brown Boulevard
March 22, 2014
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