September 24, 2016
Deming Park
Tree Planting Project
John "Tool Man" Woelfle poses with htis new "Tool Man" shirt next to his blue TREES truck.
A team awaiits the delivery of tools to begin planting trees.
WTWO TV's Hazelmarie Anderson interviews a student volunteer.
November 5, 2016
Margaret Ave. and Ohio Blvd.
Tree Planting Project
Pat Board and team on Margaret Avenue.
Brian Conley
Chad and Stephanie McKay and team on Margaret Avenue.
Sister Dawn Tomaszewski
Jane Santucci with Paul Reed and team on Margaret Avenue.
Jane Santucci
Jim Nasser, John Sare, and Susan Sare with their team on Ohio Blvd.
Kim Kimbler with her team on Margaret Avenue.
Lorrie Heber, Mary Harris, and Evan Boyer with their Rose-Hulman team on Ohio Blvd.
Lorrie Heber with her team on Ohio Blvd.
Mary Beth Eberwein and Kristine O'Hare.
Paul Reed and his team marching to their first assignment.
Stephanie Krull and her team working the median and south side of Margaret Ave,
Susan Reynolds with Mayor Duke Bennett and team on Margaret Avenue.
Von Russell and Stephanie Krull with their team in the Margaret Avenue median.
November 4, 2017
Liberty Village
Tree Planting Project
The stage has been set.  The next morning a volunteer army of over 200 will descend on Liberty Village and create a new urban canopy.
Having been a railroad yard for over half a century the sub soil was quite variable.
A double row of trees are to be planted along Elm east from 25th St.
Looking east along the Heritage Trail on the east side of Liberty Village.
8:30 a.m. Saturday morning and activiity is picking up.
The west side of Liberty Village and TREES' water wagon.
Tools awaiting  team pick-up.
Planting begins.
Planting is now in full swing.
Duke's Rick and the City's Duke!  Rick Burger and Mayor Duke Bennett.
The Trib-Star pulls out the special equipment.
Looking east toward Liberty Village.
Another shot looking east toward Liberty Village.
Looking north from Elm St.
Looking east along the National Road Heritage Trail towards Liberty Village.
Urban Forester Paul Lindeman raking.
East side of Liberty Village near the Duke truck parking lot.
Past president Greg Phegley with his Rose-Hulman Chi Omega sorority team.
Looking south from Locust towards Duke Energy.
2016 - 2019
November 3, 2018
Harding Ave. & S. 6th Blvd.
Tree Planting Project
November 9, 2019
Brown Blvd. - Locust to Maple
& Locust - 25th to Brown Blvd.

TREES Inc., in partnership with the Terre Haute Parks Department, planted 77 trees in Deming Park. These trees are to supplement the replacement of those destroyed by high winds on July 13, 2016.  

This project was followed up with a tree planting of 77 trees on the recently completed section of Margaret Avenue from 7th St. to 13th St. In addition to the Margaret Avenue project was a planting of 23 trees on Ohio Boulevard.
In 2017 TREES was awarded two grants to plant 120 trees from N. 25th St. east to and including the Liberty Village grounds on Elm St. These grants were from Duke Energy and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The planting took place on November 4, 2017.
TREES was awarded an Indiana Department of Natural Resources grant in 2018 to plant 100 trees on Harding Blvd. from Helen to Margaret Ave. and on S. 6th Blvd from Helen to Margaret Ave. The trees are being planted to address a storm water runoff problem.
The Nov. 9, 2019 tree planting project consisted of 100 small trees along Brown Blvd. from Locust north to Maple and along Locust from 25th to Brown. A few were planted on Brown south of Locust. These trees were planted to supplement trees previously planted in the area and to replace those that had died. Most of the trees were native species to Indiana with the Nuttall Oak, a native to the south central U.S., the exception.