Kim Kimbler, Von Russell, Evan Boyer, and Jane Santucci - April 23, 2016
Terre Haute, through involvement of all citizens, business leaders, churches, community organization and schools, will have a town free of litter and an established recycling program.
Our mission, as a program of TREES Inc., is to work with city government, business leaders, community organizations, churches, residents, property owners and schools to solve the problem of trash on the streets and in the alleys of Terre Haute.
1.  Minimum of two city wide cleanups a year.
2.  Educate residents, property owners, businesses, community organizations, churches and school children on what is necessary to have a clean town that we can be proud of.
3.  Work with the city and our garbage contractor to ensure the cleanest, most efficient and cost effective way to eliminate the current problem of trash in the town.
4.  Work with and educate  the city government, residents, business, community organizations, churches and school children in developing a viable recycle program to help eliminate the problem of “trash pickers” and limiting what goes to the landfills.
5.  Work with the Terre Haute Neighborhood Program to educate the neighborhoods on the importance of working together to keep their neighborhoods free of trash; i.e. every neighborhood adopts its own cleanups on a monthly basis.
6.  Work with Trees, Inc. and THNP to beautify the town.  Suggestion here is to identify “eyesore” properties, enforce codes about cleaning up the properties and working with city officials to develop codes that can be enforced if the current ones are not enforceable.
7.  Hold elected officials accountable for making Terre Haute beautiful and keeping it that way. 

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KTHB Litter Pick-Up Days

Joy Sacopulos and Esther Anderson - Oct. 2010
Bobby Grizzle - May 2011
Ann Butwin, Elizabeth Scamihorn, and Kim Kimbler
April 23, 2016
Greg Phegley and Von Russell
April 23, 2016
Mary Harris, Kim Kimbler, and Paul Reed - September 28, 2013
Mary Kramer - September 28, 2013
Esther Anderson - September 28, 2013
Mary Harris (left) and Carol Waltersdorf - May 2010
Esther Anderson, Mayor Duke Bennett, and Jane Santucci - September 28, 2013
John Woelfle, Jane Santucci, and Jim Eslinger - September 28, 2013
TREES group at Terre Haute North Vigo High School staging area - April 23, 2016
Norma Foxx, Bill Kincius, Joy Sacopulus, and Esther Anderson - May 1, 2010
Kim Kimbler, Carol Waltersdorf, and Gerri Varner - September 28, 2013
Walmart Grant 2010
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As a part of "America Recycles Day 2016", TREES' Joy Sacopulos led the ceremony for a public dedication of a mini recycling center at ISU's Cunningham Memorial Library. 

L to R:  Joy Sacopulos (TREES), Kristine O'Hare (TREES), Robin Crumrin (Dean of Library Services), and Paul Reed (TREES and ISU Recycle Center).   November 15, 2016
America Recycles Day 2016
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