The "Indiana Veterans Memorial Mile" is a one mile walking trail around Indiana State University's Memorial Stadium located at Wabash and Brown Avenues on the Historic National Road.  Designed and built during the Burke Administration, it is laid out in a shape approximating the geographic outline of Indiana. 

Ecologist and TREES Board member Dr. Marion Jackson, professor emeritus Indiana State University, wrote and published the new field guide for the trees of Indiana, 101 Trees of Indiana, A Field Guide, published by Indiana University Press in 2004

At a TREES committee meeting in January 2005, Hank Metzger suggested planting Indiana's 101 native trees, as catalogued by Dr. Jackson's book, along the "Indiana Mile" trail.  Immediately, the TREES Board saw the merits of this suggestion.

Dr. Jackson divided the state into eight regions and placed the trees and shrubs in the area each was most likely to appear.  Dr. Jackson included 16 shrubs that grow to the size of small trees to add additional interest.

Then, Kevin Runion, TREES Board member, landscape architect, and Associate Vice President of ISU, created the landscape plan.

Approval to plant the trees was secured by cooperative efforts of the City Park Department and Indiana State University.

Planting this many trees at one time presents a real challenge when it comes to watering.  The only solution was to use drip irrigation.  This was made possible by the City Park Department, the City Forrester and a substantial gift from Hank Metzger Landscape, Inc.

Funds to underwrite the cost of the trees came from a bequest to TREES Inc. from Guido Miescher, long-time faithful TREES Board member.  This gift was publicly recognized with sincere appreciation at the dedication ceremony.
Enjoy, respect, and preserve the forests of Vigo County
Dedication Ceremony 08-13-07
The TREE sculpture on the Memorial Stadium grounds.
101 Trees ID plaque on a pillar of Indiana limestone from Spencer, Indiana.  Submitted photo by Betsy Wilkinson
101 Trees Glossary
101 Trees & Trail Map
Dedication Ceremony 08-13-07
The majority of the 101 trees and 16 shrub were planted by Metzger Landscape, Inc. in December 2006.  All the trees have not yet been located – and not all that were planted survived the transition.  But this is an on-going project of TREES Inc. in cooperation with Metzger Landscape.

This is a spectacular project – a tremendous gift to the Terre Haute community.  The Indiana Urban Forest Council was so impressed with the project that they presented it with the 2008 "Project of the Year" award.  

Art Spaces, Inc., a group of talented community arts and business leaders, artists, and citizens formed in 2003 as an economic development and city beautification initiative, was asked by the city to develop a multi-purpose implementation plan to construct an outdoor sculpture here.  "The City of Terre Haute has demonstrated its consideration for the role that public art can play in bringing visibility and a unique sense of place to any given location as well as adding character and texture to a landscape," notes a segment of the stadium project Request for Proposals.

The initial result of this effort is the abstract "TREE" sculpture installed on the site of an old golf course sand trap, identification pillar, associated identification map, and individual tree identification markers designed and built by Mark Wallis of Spencer, Indiana. Mark's proposal was unanimously selected from a field of 27 artists from 14 states responding to the "RFP".

The sculpture, the 101 Trees of Indiana identification plaque pillar, and individual tree identification markers were dedicated at an impressive ceremony on the afternoon of August 13, 2007.  All are owned by the city.

Thanks to Mary Kramer for graciously providing information about Art Spaces, Inc.
Maps provided by Trish Eccles and Pat Martin.
Printable Trees & Trail Map
TREES Inc. is very pleased to announce that 46 replacement trees were recently planted by Hank Metzger Landscape along the "101 Trees on the Indiana Veterans Memorial Mile" trail around Memorial Stadium at Veterans Memorial Park in Terre Haute.  Under Hank Metzger's professional supervision and funded by TREES Inc., the following trees were planted on November 22 and 23, 2013.

Qty.   Species - Common and Scientific Names
  2       Aspen, Quaking; Populus tremuloides
  1       Black Gum; Nyssa sylvatica
  2       Buckeye, Ohio; Aesculus glabra
  2       Buckeye, Yellow; Aesculus flava
  2       Butternut; Juglans cinerea
  2       Cherry, Black; Prunus serotina
  3       Dogwood, Pagoda; Cornus alterifolia
  1       Elm, American; Ulmus americana
  2       Hawthorn, Downy; Crataegus mollis
  2       Hickory, Pignut; Carya glabra
  2       Hickory, Shagbark; Carya ovata
  2       Hickory, Shellbark; Carya laciniosa
  1       Maple, Red; Acer rubrum
  1       Maple, Silver; Acer saccharinum
  2       Oak, Blackjack; Quercus marilandica
  1       Oak, Chestnut; Quercus prinus
  1       Osage-Orange (White Shield variety); Maclura pomifera
  2       Plum, American; Prunus americana
  2       Sourwood; Oxydendron arboreum
  3       Sumac, Smooth; Rhus glabra
  3       Sumac, Staghorn; Rhus typhina
  2       Tulip Poplar; Liriodendron tulipifera
  3       Willow, Black; Salix nigra
  2       Willow, Peachleaf; Salix amygdaloides

The "101 Trees of Indiana" project was conceived in 2005 as a way to showcase the 101 trees that are native to Indiana.  Funds to underwrite the original cost of the trees came from a bequest to TREES Inc. from Guido Miescher.  Using Dr. Marion Jackson's 101 Trees of Indiana, A Field Guide for reference, the majority of the trees were planted in 2006.  Some of the trees species had not been located when the initial planting occurred and some simply have not survived.

TREES Inc. arranged for all of the 101 trees to be professionally pruned and mulched earlier this year.  Planting 46 new trees, then, wraps up a busy year for TREES Inc. and the 101 Trees of Indiana project.  In 2014, TREES Inc. will take inventory and work with Metzger on locating any additional replacement trees that are still needed. TREES will also work in 2014 on enhancing the educational component that was part of the original concept for the project.
Recently planted trees and fresh mulching at the "101 Trees on the Indiana Veterans Memorial Mile"
TREES Inc. is at it again!  For the second consecutive year, TREES Inc. has made a significant investment in the "101 Trees of Indiana on the Indiana Veterans Memorial Mile" project at Veteran’s Memorial Park at Memorial Stadium in Terre Haute.  The project of showcasing all of the 101 trees that are native to Indiana, in one specific location, is challenging.  Working with Hank Metzger Landscape, the City of Terre Haute, and ISU, however, we’re getting closer to completing something that is really special. 

In May 2014, Hank Metzger Landscape planted ten new trees at 101 Trees of Indiana.  Metzger also expanded the capacity of the irrigation system to accommodate the newly planted trees.  All ash trees have been treated to protect against the emerald ash borer.  The trees planted by Hank Metzger Landscape include the following; a few of which are featured in the accompanying pictures.

Qty.     Species – Common and Scientific Names

2          American Chestnut, Castanea dentata
3          Hoptree, Ptelea trifoliate
3          Tamarack, Larix laricina
3          White Birch, Betula paprifera
2          Pumpkin Ash, Fraxinus profunda {tomentosa}

Look for more trees and other improvements next year as TREES Inc. celebrates 25 years!
2014 Maintenance Project
2013 Maintenance Project
2015 Maintenance Project
Led by TREES member and Grounds Manager Stephanie Krull, the Indiana State University Grounds Maintenance Department, consisting of five staff personnel and 20 summer student helpers conducted the 2015 maintenance project in late July.  TREES members Cheri Bradley and Gerri Varner also pitched in to help.

TREES member and ISU grounds staff member Evan Boyer spent two full days applying herbicide to the old mulch areas around the trees.  This was done about one week earlier to enable weed removal.  New mulch was then placed around the trees and pruning was performed.  191 labor hours were expended on the project.

The project included the removal of dead trees and making note of additional problems beyond the scope of this project.  Follow-up projects will address these concerns.

Here's a big "Thank You" to all who worked on this project.  As a living monument, the 101 Treess require constant attention to remain the community gem that it is.

Magnolia acuminata
Flowering Dogwoods
Cornus florida
Scarlet Oak
Quercus coccinea
101 Trees Award
101 Trees Award