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A special opportunity is offered by TREES to memorialize or honor a friend, loved one, or special occasion while helping to beautify Terre Haute and Vigo County community parks.

A memorial or commemorative tree provides a lasting tribute to remember a special person or special occasion.  A tree is a living gift which will add beauty to a community park and offer shelter, comfort, and pleasure for years to come.

Written notification of your gift will be sent from TREES to the individual or to the family of the person being remembered or honored.

A Gift in Honor
Plant a commemorative tree to honor an achievement or milestone, say thank you, or simply express your love and respect for a friend, relative, colleague, or other person special to you.

A Gift in Celebration
Plant a commemorative tree to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, the birth of a child, or other important event.

A Gift in Memory
Plant a memorial tree as a living tribute to someone who has been special to you, your family, your friends.

•  Trees planted through this program are top quality nursery-grown and                               professionally selected and planted.
•  Tree species is determined by location and the needs of the particular park.                     Requests for a tree species or specific park are honored when possible.
•  Tree species are subject to availability.
•  The trees are large enough to ensure they will thrive in park settings.
•  Trees are planted once a year in late fall.
•  Prices may be subject to market fluctuation.
•  Cost for each tree is $200.
•  Species available are Oak, Maple, Gingko, Tulip

Two ways to participate:
       Contribute any amount to the Memorial and Commemorative Trees General  Fund
Your gift will be added to the fund and will be used to help with TREES’ on-going program of planting trees in community parks.

Sponsor an individual tree
You can sponsor an individual tree by contributing the specified amount.  The tree will be planted in Deming Park or Collett Park in a location where it is most needed.  The family will be notified of the location of the tree once it has been planted.

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TREES Commemorative and Memorial Tree Program
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Examples of Commemorative and Memorial Trees planted in 2008 in Deming Park
Frontier Elm
Red Sunset Maple
October Glory Maple
Red Sunset Maple
TREES Inc. will replace a tree if it fails to leaf out in the first spring after planting or dies during the first year after planting. However, too many factors affect the survival and growth of a tree for TREES to guarantee the life of a tree after the first year. TREES does, however, promise that the tree will be professionally planted and given a good start to grow as a living memorial of your loved one or a tribute to the person or event being honored by your gift.
Name of Person being Remembered
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Price = $275 per Tree
Please mail checks, payable to TREES Inc. to:
P.O. Box 3683
Terre Haute, IN   47803

Your gift to TREES is tax deductible.
Planting Preference
Check here to indicate your gift to the TREES General Memorial and Commemorative Trees fund.
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